LEAP “The extreme sports community”

LEAP was born out of our passion for extreme sports and the desire to share what we know and love about them.

Initially we wanted to create a tool that will help you be with your favourite sport, anywhere you go… but soon enough we realised that LEAP is much more than that - LEAP is a community.

A community for adventurers. For those who live and breathe adrenaline. For those who dream and dare, and wish to do something big, to go beyond their limits and experience the unimaginable. A community for those who discover the world every day. For those, who love what they do. And do it with inexhaustible passion.

Why join LEAP?

Because we'd love to uncover more opportunities for you. We've made it our mission to connect athletes not only with likeminded souls, but also with the right brands, potential sponsors, managers, event organisers and training academies. There's hardly anything more valuable than being able to grow in what you love, and we believe that with the right people and environment, this can be done.

So come join us. Meet others. Inspire and get inspired. Grow your community.


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